The great shows of the Remondini Theater in Bassano: “The Soccombente”, “Arlecchino muto per spavento” and “La madre”

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The shows of the Theatrical season of the City of Bassano continue, created in collaboration with Arteven Regional Theater Circuit.

Thomas Bernhard’s “Il Soccombente” will be staged on Monday 13 March. The show based on the anonymous novel is focused on music.

The protagonist of “Il Soccombente” is in fact Glenn Gould, a virtuous piano musician. The Piano is placed at the center of the stage, to symbolize the spiritual elevation in the art and as a testimony of the disasters in the personal lives of the protagonists. The story is set in Salzburg and tells the story of three promising pianists who decide to follow the course of Vladimir Horowitz, one of the three is Glenn Gould who, due to his artistic superiority, inexorably marks the life of another young man. The boy, destroyed by Gould’s masterful performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, succumbs to the knowledge that he will never be able to match his friend’s talent.

On Monday 20 March will be the turn of “Arlecchino muto per spavento”, a tribute to the Commedia dell’Arte inspired by the draf of “Arlequin muet par crainte” by Luigi Riccoboni. The story, set in 1700s, tells the story of the actors of the Comédie Italienne recalled to Paris after the expulsion caused by the irreverent comedies of Madame de Maintenon, the secret wife of Louis XIV. The comedian Luigi Riccoboni aka Lelio surrounds himself with some of the best actors of the time including, for the first time in France, the Harlequin from Vicenza Tommaso Visentini. However, the latter does not speak French, and here is Riccoboni’s brilliant idea: inventing a draft where Arlecchino becomes dumb with fright.

On Monday 3rd April it will be possible to attend “La Madre”, for the first time in Italy, the work of the French playwright Florian Zeller. The pièce stage investigates the theme of maternal love. Anna, the protagonist, played by the popular actress Lunetta Savino, is a woman who has given everything for her family but, after so many years, with her son now far away and neglected by her husband, she no longer feels like a wife or a mother. Despairing and wandering alone, closed in an apartment, her daily life becomes confused, so much that even the viewer begins to no longer understand what is real and what is not. But it is enough that the son to comes back for a few days, for her to start living and being happy again.

During your stay in Bassano del Grappa, don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of these shows! For reservations and information, contact the Operaestate ticket office.

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