Exhibition “Dorothea Lange. The Other America” in Bassano del Grappa

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The Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa still hosts major exhibitions and until 4th February the photos of Dorothea Lange can be admired there.

The woman, who has made the history of documentary photography, is the absolute leading role of the retrospective “Dorothea Lange. The Other America”, realized in collaboration with CAMERA – Italian Center for the Photography of Turin.

The exhibition presents works of the famous American photographer. Co-founder of Aperture, the most important photography magazine, she has been the first woman who had a dedicated exhibition at the MoMa in 1965, just before her death.

The career of Dorothea Lange is retraced through 200 photos, especially focusing during the period from the Thirties until the Forties when she concentrated on topics such as the climate crisis, the migrations and the discriminations occurred during the Great American Depression. With her style, Lange captured images that still today are of a great relevance and that stimulate reflection on our present.

One of the focal points of the exhibition is the famous and iconic “Migrant Mother”, followed by a sequence of five pictures that show how Lange looked for the perfect photo.

That’s a special treat for photography lovers!

The selection of her works, coming from different collections such as the Library of Congress of Washington and the American National Archives, recalls the golden period of Lange’s career, but you can also find her previous and her following works, including a sequence dedicated to detention camps for Japanese-American citizens, after the attack of Pearl Harbor. This exhibition itinerary shows the variety and the dept of her search, always aimed at portraying sincerely the world that surrounds her.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an innovative tactile itinerary that will help blind and partially-sighted visitors to enjoy independently the works of the artist. Every iconic photo will be supported by visual-tactile panels with braille captions and audiovisual descriptions which will be accessible through QR code or NFC. This will help everybody who wants to deepen their knowledge of the works of this important photographer through extra topics and research material.

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