Urban trekking in Vicenza to discover Andrea Palladio

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The path we offer you today is a little different from the others. It is an urban trekking, which combines art, architecture and nature, in nearby Vicenza. The starting point must be reached with your own means and, to fully enjoy this experience, we advise you to be accompanied by a guide, who will show you all the particularities of what you will see.

Vicenza is the city where Andrea Palladio‘s genius and creativity have left their mark and during this urban trekking you will have the opportunity to make a nice excursion of the historic center at a brisk pace, visiting some of his most interesting works.

Urban trekking

Urban trekking is an original and dynamic way to experience a city. In fact, you can combine the pleasure of visiting a wonderful city, such as Vicenza, with a little physical activity in the open air. It is in fact a form of sustainable, healthy tourism that will allow you to explore even the most hidden corners of the city.

Urban trekking in Vicenza develops on a flat and hilly itinerary, a route suitable for anyone who wants to discover a city in a different way from the usual ones.

The itinerary

You will walk through the streets of the historic center, where you can admire some of the most famous Palladian works: the palaces designed by the Venetian architect, the Piazza dei Signori and the Basilica, and the church of Santa Corona.

Along Corso Andrea Palladio you will immediately meet two of his palaces: the Porto-Breganze Palace and the Thiene Bonin Longare Palace, with massive half Corinthian columns, typical of his latest works. You will then walk through the most beautiful gardens and parks in the city, resting on a bench or eating an ice cream.

The Palladian Basilica was declared a National Monument in 2014. Climbing to the top you can admire the roofs of the city from above.

The route then continues uphill towards the Monte Berico hill, from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the city and the Vicenza Prealps, then descend along a path through the woods, to Valletta del Silenzio, a protected natural area, inside which there are orchards and urban gardens. Stradella della Rotonda, a “landscape road”, has been transformed into a residential road with an adjoining cycle path. At its edges are Villa La Rotonda, a wonderful work by Palladio, which can be visited both in the parks and in the interiors at certain times and on pre-established days, Villa Valmarana ai Nani, frescoed by Tiepolo, and Villa Guiccioli with its forest.

Do you want to discover our area on foot or by bicycle? Read on, in the upcoming weeks we will tell you about other itineraries for those who love to spend a holiday surrounded by nature.

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